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PALEVSKY’S latest installation, Holy Wood – A Shrine to Los Angeles, focuses on  the City of Angels.   Los Angeles is known for turning the unknown into the known overnight.  It is a valley of hope where dreams can become realities; a place which also welcomes artists and innovators with open arms.   For this reason, many artists have flocked to the “still affordable” areas of downtown to establish their homes and studios. Change, growth and reinvention define the attitude of Los Angeles today. 

Plagued by a decade of riots, quakes and crimes in the 1990s, the first decade of the Millennium was a period of time when artists used less than perfect life experiences as inspiration for their work.  The result was gangsta rap, street art and reality television, thus marking an artistic rebirth of Los Angeles.  The art, music and design that was produced during this time served as a catalyst for the resurgence of LA that continues unabated until the present day.  After decades of stagnation, downtown Los Angeles has become a cultural epicenter, weaving together a cloth of rich cultural diversity evident in the wide display of art, design, architecture and culinary offerings.  HOLY WOOD will highlight the modern-day talents of emerging and established Los Angeles based and inspired artists.

Norman Seeff’s photographs of Hollywood Icons, taken at his studio on Sunset Boulevard (now the Bar Marmont), celebrate the industry that shaped the core of Los Angeles.  David Drebin captures a truly spectacular view of the City of Angels, while Ellen von Unwerth’s avant-garde style couldn’t be more representative of the present, with a vivacious image of starlet Evan Rachel Wood posed under the Hollywood sign. 

 Artists Anja Van Herle and Heather Pando both live and work in Los Angeles.  Anja’s larger than life paintings of captivating female faces, often adorned with Swarovski crystals and signature shades, are a perfect blend of old world meets new world glamour and style.  Heather Pando uses ethereal materials to create eccentric pieces and installations.  “Rebirth,” featured in our window, is made entirely of Mica and is a show –stopper. Attempting to collapse the gap between dreams and reality, her one-of-a-kind creations complete any space.

 The LA-based design studio, Harvey Lynch, has taken over a window of PALEVSKY to showcase their immense talent with patterns.  Layering patterns on fabric, furniture and wallpaper, artist and creative director, Brian O’Hara and Mel Currie, take abstract artistic concepts and make them accessible in every day life, while effectively empowering the audience through hidden messages. It is the brand’s intention to subtly bestow blessings through their art, in hopes of creating change in the world.   Parallel to PALEVSKY’S thinking, Harvey Lynch believes that anything can be customized.  Custom installations in your space or even on our favorite pair of jeans are now a reality.

PALEVSKY is thrilled to introduce, THE JEWEL BOX @ PALEVSKY, a permanent fine jewelry collection curated by Rachael White which showcases acclaimed international designers with an artful edge.  White opens the show with names like Marla Aaron, Perez Bitan, Polly Wales, Jane Taylor, Jacqueline Cullen, Lily Kamper, Flora Bhattachary, Heather Moore, Katey Walker, NC Rocks, Lee Brevard, Renvi, Elizabeth Buenaventura and Pat Flynn.  Every piece is artfully crafted and a conversation starter.

The Chaos Theory Chandelier by Uri Davillier of Neptune Glass will be a focal point of the latest installation.  In addition to this calculated chaos of light, Davillier’s hand-blown glassware collection is whimsical and makes the perfect gift for the impossible-to- buy-for friend.  Uri’s studio in downtown Los Angeles is not far from Otium Restaurant, where he was the mastermind behind the restaurant’s stunning lighting design.

 Elyse Graham’s work has mainly been seen in New York at Bergdorf Goodman, but will now be available to Angelenos at PALEVSKY.  Elyse’s Landscape and Weirdo Drip Vases are carefully fabricated in her downtown studio using a tedious process involving plaster, resin and acrylic coating.  Her Drip Mirrors are unlike anything you’ve seen before.  All of her pieces are one-of-a-kind.