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After more than a decade of working closely with clients, interior designer Alison Palevsky was determined to bridge the gap between the showroom and the client’s home. Palevsky realized early on that as soon as she installed a great piece within a client’s residence, the clients could more easily visualize it in their own environment. That realization led to her latest venture, PALEVSKY, where Alison has curated a selection of artwork, furniture (vintage and contemporary) and objects, all meticulously installed in a unique home-like setting.

Located in the heart of Brentwood, PALEVSKY offers the Westside of Los Angeles a much-needed space to discover unexpected art, design and furniture. Themed shows that change periodically keep the collection fresh and unique. PALEVSKY’s inaugural Winter 2016 show, “Source of Life,” celebrated all things female with curvaceous forms that were evident in the shape, form and subject matter of its contents. Its second show, “La Vie En Gris,” opens May 7th and contains a collection of stunning still life photography by Lekha Singh, a vibrant photography series by Benjy Russell and Rya Kleinpeter, as well as hand-dyed and pressed paper works by Cheryl Humphreys.

PALEVSKY was conceptualized as a resource for passionate collectors, designers and individuals who share an appreciation of craftsmanship and the creative process. PALEVSKY also showcases two exclusive product lines. The first, XPALEVSKY, is Alison Palevsky’s own furniture line, available with endless customizable options. The second, +PALEVSKY, focuses on collaborations with different artists and craftsmen to produce an evolving body of work sold in limited editions. For spring/summer, a fabric was created from Russell and Kleinpeter’s “Humming Birds” piece and is a highlight of the show.

Prepare to expect the unexpected!